These are extremely popular sessions, with action, fitness, repetition of shots and lots of fun being the emphasis. There is only a little coaching in the form of tips and reminders. If you wish to groove in the strokes that you have learnt during individual or group lessons, then drills are ideal.


Booking Form
Date Time Price
Every Wednesday Drills I 7.00-8.00 pm 10/14 (Weekly) Floyd Williams
Trailfinders sports club is open to both members and non-members to play or take a lesson

How to apply
Step 1 Click on Booking Form
Step 2 Go to File on the top left menu and Print
Step 3 Complete this form and make cheque payable to The London School of Tennis
Step 4 Send the form and cheque to:
  The London School of Tennis
P.O. Box 50852 London SW3 4YA

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