The London School of Tennis (LST) was established in August 1994 with the aim of providing comprehensive tennis coaching services for all ages and all levels for tennis players.

 LST aims to service local communities, clubs, schools, businesses, sports centres etc., with the highest standards of tennis coaching possible.

As a company, we train and teach our coaches, helping them to attain the relevant coaching qualifications and teaching experience they require to deliver quality lessons.

Junior development is also one of our specialities, with many programmes and classes aimed at developing  juniors  from the age from the age of 3 upwards; to national tournament standard and above.

We believe tennis is for everyone, all ages, male or female and for players of all standards and abilities. We therefore try to cater for as many types of players as possible, with various events, courses and tennis activities.

We hope you have a great experience with us, learning in a fun, safe environment and that we help you to fulfil your tennis needs.

If you require any more information please call the LST office on 0845 456 5490 or e-mail

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